blm i voted sticker

blm i voted sticker

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to show our support for black lives, we created this take on the iconic "I Voted" sticker. for too long, our country has denied or limited the voting rights of black people. to talk about voter suppression and not speak specifically about the damage that's been done to the black community through voter suppression wouldn't be right. 

since the beginnings of our government, we have designed systems of oppression to silence anyone who isn't the straight, white man. while progress has been made, the attacks on black bodies are alive and well, and nowhere is this more obvious than in our current president. from implicitly signing off on white supremacists groups to denying the existence of systemic racism, he is the loudest of the many voices that still seek to oppress black lives. 

while we know a sticker won't make a big difference in this fight, we wanted to create something that folks could wear with pride this voting season. 

whether you can vote or you wanted to but couldn't, this is a visual reminder of what the vote can accomplish. we're voting for the America that we've been dreaming of–one where everyone has a seat at the table and a voice in our government. 

fyi: this is a glossy, water-resistant sticker


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